Refugee Support Map

This guide (mapping study) was designed to facilitate access to places where refugees in Turkey can find support, asylum seekers and refugees in a difficult asylum process.

The  refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey can apply to public institutions (governorship, district governorship, social welfare and solidarity foundations, municipalities) where they are in need of support (economic, social etc.) as well as institutions and organizations mentioned in the map.

Asylum seekers and refugees in Turkey can apply for free legal support (access to shelter, problems related to domestic violence, etc.) in the bars in which they are located. If you are having trouble with legal support, you can contact support at

For more information:

Access to asylum procedure in Turkey: Rights and Responsibilities

Right to Education

Health Services

Access to Labor Market

(These information brochures are updated by the Center for Refugee Rights. You can follow the updates and the activities of the Refugee Rights Center at

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