Some manipulations about refugees and migrants and their ideological bases

When we write about refugees and migrants, we think that it is needed to mention about manipulations and their ideological bases firstly, because refugee motion and study which warmed up slowly in our country is usually seemed simulation or imports of the studies in the west.

This stare both helps and studies on area. While we think that it is important to utilize accrued experiment, we also think that it is important like utilize experiment not to walk into ideological traps. Of course, its secrecy is secret in before every thing for whom and by who these studies doing and finance questions’ answer.

One of the current the most important manipulation is about migrants and refugees’ numbers and which country they go.

Important arguments about current migrant and refugee rate in the world: in general tendency;  growing considerably the rate of immigration, out of controlling, cause important problems in country which take immigration is sustained and need of take control by a kind of migration policy is put an emphasis. It is mentioned that flourishing technology, increasing communication and means of access raise immigration and also stick out its intercept.

But, like who is familiar with the subject know remarkably; it is not a secret that the subject of immigration and refugee-on purpose in western advanced countries- is highlighted in accordance with an ideological choice and captured as an important problem. At the present day, even though improve technology, Access and communication means, only 130 million of person in the world is moving and it is only 2% of world population. It is get out of the rest population of the world 98% is stagnant (Richier, 2006).

If comparative historical perspective has been considered, it is not also very high the increasing successively and mass migration which is more than about 2-4 million every year. According to Faist (2003), it is not possible to find a close argument support the nationwide expectation about capacity international immigration is increasing regularly during century. For example, capacity of international immigration about voluntary immigration situation in tempore of 1919-1980 is low as capacity of immigration in between 1814 and 1914; there is no meaningful differentiation between them.

Source of arguments about immigration is usually western advanced countries and rather they bring up the negative immigration results and study to take measures. So you can think that the most taken immigration and accepted refugee geography is west Europe and USA. That emphasis regularly immigration direction is west and North. But it is understood that the real is never like this when the closed-down immigration process has been viewed. Most of the persons who forced to abandon their places because of war, non- administration, ecological disasters, economic ruins or ethnic, relief and tribal disputes don’t approach to abandon their country, they prefer internal migration. Turkey is a very good example for this. For the most probability, they immigrate another developing country, not Northern Hemisphere or west. Minimal of migrants’ half immigrate a developing country from a developing country, not to advanced country. Stream of emigration South-south is more meaningful South-north streams for numbers. Moreover this is applicable for refugee streams. For example, about 130 million immigrants’ 55% settle in developing country in 1990. Refugees’ 97% in the world actually stay in the developing country (third-world countries)(Faist, 2003).

For the current immigration situation it is the same. Typically, some developing countries host high rate labour immigrations and refugees in their population. For example, 26% in Jordan, 19% in Costa Rica, 8% in Germany and only 9% in USA which people say they take a lot of immigrants. In 2002, more than half of the refugees and asylum seekers in the world were living in Middle East and South Asia. There is a country was standing out which is not very suggesting itself in gone place: Iran (result of Iraq and Afghanistan interventions). Iran hosts about quarter of more than 20 million refugees in the world (USCR, 2004).

Consequently, really economical immigrations and refugee streams more become to North- West or this perception is an illusion by manipulation? We can answer the question like this: In summary, more than 65 million immigrants in economic advanced nation states make a meaningful number, but this is a low number when it compared with internal migration in South and East and international migration from South to South and from east to east. But the all numbers minify when it compare with very heavy percentage of never non-immigrate persons although force them to migrate like revolution in transportation reduce travelling expenses and communication, increasing perceptions about economic inequality and  stable demographic pressures. In North-West advanced nation states don’t get even for immigrants’ useless coming and going as much put into words. It is clear that to manufacture public opinion intended for block migrants from countries colonized on time and so siphon aboveground and subterranean prosperity and it is an operation intended for their actions in the future (manhunts with gun in USA on border of Mexico, Europe’s refugee camps like Nazi camps in North Africa and like this passing country).

The stream about immigration and actually refugee subjects by western countries forced them into disagreement. One hand, last 20-30 years, suggest that the world has been transformation, move over from industrial society to information society, from modernism to post modernism, from the world of nation state to a global world; on the other hand globalization is limited only with communication/transportation ideas, transfer technology, shift multinational funding and exchange properties and people don’t have been incorporate to this process. That is a very big disagreement. While the change (!) of move freely all property of mentioned countries, the same change doesn’t defined for the real masters and producers of this properties.

Translated by Betül Dürgen


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