Fear Desecrating the Innocence

It is prerequisite that they will inform before they actually become sick so that the directorate of security gives him the permission to visit the hospital. Otherwise he has no right to do so. It is obligatory that he visits the directorate of security every single day and signs relevant documents in other words he has to say “I am here, I abided by your rules, I am doing everything exactly as I am told” every single day of his life. If he fails to perform this routine, he is accepted to have committed a crime. This routine serves also for the people who might be after him. He visits the directorate every day and people searching for him use this obligation for their own advantage. This routine is not considered as on odd situation by the directorate since they do not value these people in terms of security. Freedom of travel is not an exercisable right for these people. They are not allowed to leave the city they reside without proper permissions. If they perform such an act, they are immediately punished. If they request aid in kind or in cash, they should inform the directorate of security in prior. They might go to the location in which the aid procedures are commenced and submit their application if only they could convince directorate officials or directorate officials deem it suitable for them to apply.  They thrive for such rights by being slowly consumed away and by dealing excessively with red tape atop of all those difficulties resulting from being a foreigner.

Within the circular numbered 57, following statement is given related to health aids; “Applicants who wish to be get medical examination or receive medical treatment, except for situations in which emergency treatment is of necessity, shall present their treatment applications primarily to the foreigners department of the police by reason of their detailed knowledge of the applicant.   This application shall be evaluated by the foreigners department of the police and transmitted to the Social Aid and Solidarity Foundation in writing.” As it can be observed from this statement, asylum seekers have to prove primarily to the directorate officials that they are actually sick. Afterwards, they have to wait for the response of the written application transmitted by the directorate of security to Social Aid and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV). If SYDV finds it acceptable to compensate the health expenses of the asylum seeker -by the way, this process might be extended to one/two weeks- then the asylum seeker is free to go to the hospital and receive a treatment. It is a proven fact that most of the asylum seekers experience psychological problems in the demanding process of asylum. Let us evaluate how the course of events shall take place if the asylum seeker experiencing psychological problems demands to have support? Is it humane or right to ask from the asylum seekers to prove their sicknesses before providing them health support?

Health is an obligatory condition. It does not involve choices like forced migration. Therefore expecting asylum seekers to inform directorate of security officials and afterwards permitting them to visit the hospitals is a meaningless enforcement.

The same conditions apply for in kind and in cash aids to asylum seekers. It is compulsory that asylum seekers primarily declare to directorate of security officials that they are in need and moreover convince them. As it is stated in the law, residence tax of approximately 250 TL per capita which is collected every 6 months might not be collected from asylum seekers with poor financial situation by the authority of the official. Irony of it all is that many asylum seekers suffering from poor financial situation are not exempted from the residence tax and they apply to the same officials for in kind and in cash aids and moreover they are obliged to expect aid from the very same officials. Let us evaluate the situation notwithstanding the facts; that social aid is drawing away for actually presenting solutions; that it only sustains the problems and that it slaves people. Even after that, we are left with a flood of men wasting time at the gates of SYDVs and working officers. A flood of men who expects aid from SYDV and actually considers that aid is not a right for asylum seekers, many SYDV workers with prejudices against asylum seekers. Trying to persuade the directorate of security to get help when they are obviously disregarded as to whether they had a chance to choose by questions such as; why should we help them when we can help our people? Did I ask for him to come? Couldn’t he find another country to go?  Asylum seekers already need to overcome massive obstacles along their way to get help. They might only receive help if they succeed in overcoming those obstacles. Is it such a necessary enforcement to ask from the asylum seeker to prove to the directorate official that he is actually in need of aid in kind or in cash when he is already experiencing many problems? Within the 1st article of the law numbered 3294 which constitutes the basis of SYDV works it is stated that aid in kind or in cash is provided to anyone in need regardless of their nationality. As a matter of fact there is no need to extend the process. This article stipulates that asylum seekers can ask for and receive aid from SYDVs in person. However our subconscious fear of the enemy, our thought to know everything and to filter everything prevents us from facilitating procedures. Otherwise why should it be necessary, to demand from the officials, whose obvious duties are to ensure and provide security, to determine if the asylum seeker is actually sick and to provide him the necessary permission; to authorize him related to aids to the asylum seeker and to expect from him to monitor and follow the asylum seeker in any possible manner?

The need to know every thing about the asylum seeker and to filter every detail about him by reason of him being a foreigner is sourced by solidified fears which have been covertly and carefully strengthened. If your subconscious reflects that people are always trying to harm you, if you are your only friend, you constantly live with fear and prejudice against others. Especially if that other person is from a foreign country, the situation becomes crystal clear. Probably that person is here to harm you, but he “disguises his deeds” by looking desperate and in need.  What needs to be done is to monitor and inspect everything in detail in order to throw light on this trickery.

Asylum seekers are bound to fears inhaled with every breath and solidified by passing years. On one hand a slave of subconscious fears and on the other hand an economical burden resulting from anxieties and perception fueled by these fears. Fears might have justified reasons; however asylum seekers should not be held accountable and judged for these fears. The statement within the circular numbered 57 “UNHCR, humanitarian aid is to be provided to all who can not provide it by himself or by another way” is the basic requirement to be provided to asylum seekers until their statuses are determined. Our fears must not desecrate the innocence of others. They might be guilty of the relations and the world we fictionalized in our head. However, real guilt for the relations and world belongs to fear and conscious which in the end accuse them. Exerting an effort to comprehend asylum seekers instead of desecrating their innocence by fear should only clarify everything.


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